Notting Hill!

The Notting hill area has always had this romantic notion for me, perhaps because I always connect this with the movie, but actually it’s charm is really very special. I took a small break to meet up with some friends in the area and although it was actually less than 45 minutes  in the place I was able to take a gander at several stores and just get a whiff of some bit of inspiration.

It was so nice to go back to Notting Hill.

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Duck & Waffle!

I have some of the best friends in the whole world!  They know what I love and when all the forces in the universe volt in, I know it was going to be a magical evening.  My friend Dohn Yu booked us a table at Duck and Waffle Which is was one of the most delicious dinners I have had in London.  Apart from the fantastic food the location of the the restaurant was really beautiful.  Situated on top of the Heron building overlooking the city of London is Duck and Waffle.

My London crew Pam and CJ en route up using the clear elevators that give you a great first view impression.

Since Dohn was a regular in the restaurant we were able to get a really fantastic table that just had the most magical views.  My friend took care of the ordering which was pretty much everything on the menu!  LOL!  I was only happy to oblige because everything was really quite good and in a way geared towards our south east asian palette.  Which means that it had the components of salty, sweet, sour and spicy.  All flavours that combined was a real winner in my book.

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A Vogue Styling Session!

During the Vogue Fashion Festival there were several activities happening in between the speakers.  Every activity was geared towards specific areas of fashion.  Photography, Film, Hair, Make-up, Trends, Design etc.  One of activities that interested me the most was the styling session of Vogue’s Fashion directore Lucinda Chambers.

She starts out with a base piece

For those of you who are not familiar with Ms. Chambers, she has been in Vogue since the 80′s and for the last 3 decades has influenced the world of fashion via her creative eye and her ability to translate the trends seen in the shows and created some of the most mesmerising images on the pages of Vogue magazine.  She is regarded as one of the worlds greatest stylists.  So when an opportunity to see how her mind thinks and to actually see her style you must pay attention and sit right front and centre.

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Vogue Festival Day 2!

The second day of the Vogue Festival was just as exciting as the first,  We were scheduled for 3 talks which began with a discussion on Fashion, Beauty and the digital revolution.  I was so looking forward to this talk as I we are all connected more closely now a days due to the internet.

That's my fabulous friend Pam Q getting ready for the talks.


Leading the discussion were digital photography Pioneer Nick Knight as well as fashion designer Mary Katrantzou and Pixie Geldof and the founder of  and Instagram star Miroslava Duma.    I really learned a lot from the talk.  I was even able to ask a question to the panel and I was so surprised when Mary Katrantzou spoke to me in tagalog as I told them that we flew all the way to London to find out how we can expand our brands and how we can get the Philippines noticed in the fashion world.

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La Pomme Home!

My friend Apol Lejano-Massebieau recently opened her store La Pomme Home in the Collective, Makati. Inspired by her then home in France, she started producing fabric sculptures in the shapes of plush fruits, birds and flowers. Please see her latest offerings, a touch of French chic for any home!

La Pomme Home offers Plush. Toys. Sewn Decor. Fabric Sculptures 0919-9934795 Shop at The Collective, 7274 Malugay St, San Antonio Village, Makati

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Fernandez & Wells.

Dining in London is always exciting as there is always something new places to try out.  One of the places that I wanted to try out was Fernandez & Wells  They have several locations all over the city with each location having a slightly different decor.  However the approach to all their restaurants is the same.  It’s all about bringing to the customer excellent produce with simple preparations making the dishes ever so delicious.

The restaurant is found inside the historical Sommerset house.


We decided to try out the Sommerset location which looked to me like a restaurant that could be designed by Celine’s Phoebe Philo.  After listening to her talk, I appreciated even more the paired down sensibilities and attention to true luxury and quality.  It was a great way to discuss the first day the Vogue Festival experience.  When in London do try to find time to experience Fernandez & Wells.  It’s a quiet experience that grows on you and makes it one of my most memorable meals in my London.

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An Audience with the Emperor of Fashion!

Valentino Garavani is one of the best fashion designers in the entire world!  He is one of my personal idols and ever since I knew what fashion was I was always attracted to his style and his aesthetic.  I  must have every single book that was ever published by this man who many call the last Emperor of Fashion.

To say that I was excited about this talk was a true understatement.


When I heard that he would be speaking a the Fashion Festival,  I knew I had to be there.  I did not mind flying more than 10,000 miles away just to have an audience with him.  He was going to be the last speaker that day and my excitement was very palpable with each minute that came closer to the time.

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Vogue Festival Day 1!

The main purpose of my trip to London is to attend the Vogue Festival.  It’s an annual event hosted by British Vogue which focuses on several dialogues with leading luminaries in the fashion world.  When I learned that my ultimate design Idol VALENTINO was going to be one of the main speakers, I did not event think twice and began to plan my trip.

The weather could not be more magical! The sun was out and the skies were clear. A perfect day for my kind of festival.


It was quite exciting as there was a “Philippine delegation” represented in the Festival.  Leading  the group was my love Pam Quinones with her #teamPAMQ  Cath and Maita in tow.  Joining us was Photographer BJ Pascual, Stylists Angela Alarcon and Sean Go plus designers  Mark Bumgarner and London based CJ Cruz adding to the list is Fashion entrepreneur Sasha Moyer who jetted in from San Francisco.

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The Net-A-Porter Mothership!

Net-a-Porter has undeniably revolutionised the way we shop and the way we look at fashion.  I was so excited when my friend Lupe Puerta who is the head of Personal Shopping in Net-a-Porter invited me to visit the head office and to see what actually goes behind a company like Net-a-Porter.    It was exactly as  founder Natalie Masanett envisioned her office to be.  Her dream was to make her office all white with large windows and crystal chandeliers.  All the of meeting rooms were transparent as this was the culture in Net-a-porter.


The main office.

It was so exciting to be there and I even caught a glimpse of Natalie Masanett dashing off for a meeting.  I just wanted to share with all of you what happens behind one of the most exciting companies existing today and I only left inspired.  Thank you Lupe for inviting me and I still have to see you in Manila!

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London Street Art!

I am a huge fan of Public art, I like the democracy that it expresses and the fact that anyone can enjoy it without having to go to a gallery of a museum. Some of the best street art I have ever seen is in London. Specifically in the Shoreditch and Brick lane area.  I came to visit this area last year and I wanted to see it again as the street art periodically changes.

This was the first street art I saw and I was like stunned.


The narrative and the brush work was just beautiful. I also loved the colours.


Then I turned the corner and saw this intricate painting, it's moving forward form graffiti but real fine art.


Almost everywhere I turned there was something so beautiful to see.




Colouring inspiration.


It's like a live gallery.


I love how the area has been transformed by these artists.


Owls on repeat.


There was also a proper public gallery in the area.


I loved this.


Modern cat women.


Always look up.


I wanted to capture everything.




Brick lane.


The area is quite chill.


Space invaders.






Capturing images that perhaps might lead to something in the future.


Public poetry.


Large scribbles.


Happy to be here.


This piece was popular.


LV Hudlom!


More street art.




In a gallery space!




Could be a great idea for a show?


This time the street art was better than ever, the variety and the skill that was on display was simply amazing and the technique was just so beautiful that I felt sad that at one point this will all be gone and painted over in a few months.  However I guess that is the beauty of this experience as it is fleeting and temporary. Do take a look at the area and be inspired.



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