Wall Street Journal Feature

It was never an easy feat starting my own business as a fashion designer. I went through a lot of ups and downs during the start of my career. I have come a long way since then but once in a while I like to look back on those times with fondness, so when Wall Street Journal called to do a feature on my journey as a designer, I immediately said yes.

It is an honor to be able to share my story and in such a respected business journal. As I have always maintained, my business is in dressing people and empowering them to feel good about themselves.  I am happy to see that what started as a dream has now become, as WSJ Asia puts it, A Fashion Empire.

I am grateful to Divya Gopalan and Marga Ortigas who made this feature possible and to my friends, family and staff for their support these past years.  I’m also thankful to Toni and KC for being a part of the feature.

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Jakarta Highlights!

It seems like I have been going back and forth to Jakarta these past few months and I have been really enjoying my visits. I go to Jakarta mostly for work but I do take a break and do a bit of nosing around the markets and get to see the beautiful arts and crafts abound in Jakarta.
Indonesia is world famous for their BATIK textiles and I fell in love with the patterns and the colours. I know one day that this fabric will turn up into my collections. What I really went nuts with were the intricate and beautiful hand embroideries that are used for the “Sarong Kebayas.” I discovered an embroidery house with thread work so intricate that I couldn’t help but begin to think what designs we could do together.
Another good reason to visit Jakarta often is that my best friend lives in the city and its always good times when I get to see BOB. Jakarta has a huge “Mall” mentality and these behemoth integrated stores that feel like cities in itself. However there a still these small oasis of peace where Bob and I take solace. Just wanted to share with you my Jakarta Highlights.

When in Indonesia you have to stoke up on BATIKS!

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I rarely get to Quezon City! Although I really ought to get out there more often as there are so many wonderful new places to see and experience. One such place is The CATABOLIC cafe which just opened a few weeks ago. Nestled in what might be called as the resurgence of  Teacher’s Village as the new cool and happening spot. I love this chic little ,dare I say, “hipster” cafe with a warm and comfortable vibe that was designed by my partner Nix Alanon! I have to say that the chairs were so comfortable that you would be tempted to stay for hours.

Cute Scandinavian inspired furniture in CATABOLIC cafe!

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The Fifth Philippine Fashion Ball!

For the past five years the Philippine Fashion industry has been getting together to celebrate each other! We gather in one room and just have fun and hang out! It’s that one time a year when there are no brands, teams, factions, organisations or groups! We are all just one!

The theme that evening was MENSWEAR and Awardee Joey Mead looked so delicious in this Blush Pink Tuxedo custom made by me! LOL!

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One of my personal joys is to be invited in friends’ homes and have a home cooked meal. There is just something so special about this experience that when friends  invite me over I immediately try to clear my calendar and be there. One of my friends recently celebrated her birthday with a lovely dinner prepared by the gracious Bella Yuchengco. I loved the old world flair of the dinner which reminded me of the dinners prepared in my Lola’s home. Candy invited a small group of her friends and family and we all enjoyed the amazing meal.

An Isabel Diaz painting greeted us when we walked into the house.

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Printsonalities ” Chic Metropole” Trunk Show

I am happy to announce that my favorite stationery and invitation stylist, Printsonalities is launching their new collection! I just love the thought and detail that they put into their products. It is always exquisitely crafted and high quality. They have their special way of catering to their clients and their personalized needs. 

 This time around they are collaborating with guest designer Alex Eduque for their new collection, Chic Metropole. A portion of the proceeds will go to MoveEd, a non profit organization that focuses on providing access to early childhood care, education and developmental programs in communities around the Philippines. I hope you can all support this worthy cause and also enjoy the pieces from this amazing brand.  See you there!
The trunk show will be tomorrow,  August 13, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at 1 Southway Condominium Mayapis corner Bakawan Street, San Antonio Village, Makati city.

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It seems that we’ve been blessed with weekends  spent at the beach. Nix and I were invited to an amazing quick get away in Calatagan Batangas. Together with our friends we spent a weekend of absolute fun! It was really nice to just get away and chill with these folks who like me are kids at heart.

Left Manila just in time to see the amazing Calatagan sunset. This was just a drive by shot from my car and it was already so beautiful!

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#PATITA18 – A mermaid’s tale

I have always believed that I have the best job in the entire world! This is because we are part of beautiful memories and milestones in people’s lives. I have been given the privilege of witnessing some of these memories up close. One such beautiful memory was the recent 18th birthday of a young woman Patita Tactacan- Tumpalan.

Inspired by the colours of the Boracay sunset this was Patita’s main dress which was also inspired by fighting fish tails and the graphic marine life.

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I have always believed in seeking the balance of life. The need to recharge, unwind and seek peace and solace is very important to me as it truly makes me  happier and more creative. I took the opportunity to spend some quality “ME” time in paradise otherwise known as Shangrila Boracay. http://www.shangri-la.com/boracay/boracayresort/ I have had the privilege of staying in this beautiful resort once and I was so happy that I was able to visit this again.

Nix and I had a pit stop at Boracay’s Jonnah’s juice bar before heading to the Shangrila. It’s a must visit at the long white stretch beach, specially during perfect weather days like this.

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The LIND, BORACAY! #GonewiththeLIND

There is this saying that Boracay is always a good idea! I sincerely believe that this is true. I recently tagged along with Nix when he got invited to check out this new hotel in Boracay called The LIND http://www.thelindhotels.com Located along the prime area of Station one is this brand new resort experience that in mind will reinvigorate and redefine the Boracay experience.

Took the first flight out of Manila with this crew to experience The LIND!

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